Main Street Russellville provides several incentive programs to encourage downtown revitalization and improvements in the designated Main Street District. The Main Street District was designated when the program was organized locally in 1992 and is defined as bordered by Parkway on the north, Third Street on the south, Boston Avenue on the east, and El Paso Avenue on the west.

Mini-Grant Program

The Main Street Russellville Mini-Grant Program offers a matching grant of up to $500 to property or business owners for improvements to building facades. Matching funds for approved applications are for one-half of the total project cost. The Mini Grant program is funded through Main Street Russellville's special events and fundraising projects, or grants and/or other donations to the program that have been earmarked for building improvements. No membership contributions are used to fund the local Mini Grant Program unless requested by the donor. Typical projects funded by the Mini Grant Program include but are not limited to signs, awnings and fresh paint. Grants are open for application and awarded on availability of funds.

Model Business Grant

Model Business Grants are provided to local Main Street Cities for application by Main Street Arkansas, a program of the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program, a program of the Department of Arkansas Heritage. This grant program requires a dollar for dollar match, of which one-half of the local investment may be in-kind. Funded by the Real Estate Transfer Tax, the Model Business Grant addresses facade & interior rehabilitation as well as business management to serve as a model business for other downtown merchants and property owners.

Slipcover & Mansard Removal Grant

The purpose of this grant is to provide an incentive to remove slipcovers and mansards in order to restore buildings to their historic appearances. This grant requires a match of 25%. The match can be both cash and in-kind with the in-kind portion not to exceed 50% of the match. Like the Model Business Grant The Slipcover and Mansard Removal Grant is provided to local Main Street Cities for application by Main Street Arkansas.

Downtown Revitalization Grant

The focus of Downtown Revitalization Grant projects are high visibility, high impact, long term projects that benefit the greatest number of people. This grant requires a 1 to 2 match, for example, the local program must secure $10,000 to be eligible for $20,000 from Main Street Arkansas. Up to 50% of the match may be in-kind services. Like the Model Business and the Slipcover & Mansard Removal grants this incentive is provided to local Main Street Cities for application by Main Street Arkansas.

Russellville Downtown Association

This group of Downtown shopkeepers, employees, property owners and residents gets together for a one hour breakfast meeting at 8:00a.m. on the second Thursday of each month. The monthly meetings provide an opportunity to network, plan events and discuss issues of mutual interest. The Russellville Downtown Association (RDA) is a committee of Main Street Russellville.

Small Business Assistance

The Main Street Arkansas Small Business Consultant provides no-cost, on-site confidential business assistance on an as-requested basis to businesses located within the designated Main Street District. The consultant's mission is to provide businesses with the tools and support needed to succeed in today's competitive environment. In addition to providing small business workshops the consultant provides assistance with store operations, merchandising, market & sales analysis, and management.

Exterior & Interior Design Assistance

The Main Street Arkansas Design Consultants provide confidential, no-cost exterior and interior design assistance to business and property owners within the designated Main Street District. Areas of Exterior Design Assistance include rehabilitation advice for building facades, review of streetscapes, signs & planning, written recommendations & resources, and drawings of facades with material colors. Areas of Interior Design Assistance include rehabilitation advice for interior spaces, window & merchandise display workshops, auto CAD drawings for floor plans & feasibility studies, conceptual design plans and design research for building projects.

Speakers Available

Public presentations regarding the Main Street Russellville program are available for the classroom, church or civic group.

Contact Main Street Russellville to arrange for an appointment, to schedule a public presentation, or for additional information regarding their incentive programs.