Downtown Merchants

Expanded customer base • More sales • Upgraded retail environment • More opportunities for cross promotion • More opportunities for business growth and expansion • More opportunity for locally owned independent businesses • Less financial risk • Incubator for new businesses • Shared responsibility for retail success

Municipal Government

Increased sales tax base • Increased property tax base • Protection of infrastructure investment • Protection of municipal property investment • Conservation of existing resources • Reduced vacancy rate • Reduced cost of police and fire protection • Less deterioration of buildings and need for demolition • Reduced chance of costly "sprawl" development • Better community image • More civic awareness • Support for public policies • Support for political leadership

Residents of the Community

Protection of property values • Overall improved economy • Local accessibility to goods and services • Reduced loss of youth and "brain drain" • More employment opportunities • Increased opportunity for social interaction • Meeting space for diverse segments of community • Preservation of civic gathering space for public functions • More opportunities for volunteerism and participation • Opportunities for leadership development • Community pride and sense of accomplishment • Pr eservation of community identity • Sense of "having roots" and "belonging" to a place • Preservation of community for future generations

Downtown Property Owners

Increased occupancy rates • Stable or higher rents • Opportunity to turn underdeveloped space into income-producing property • Greater return on initial property investment • Less risk of vandalism and fire • Improved municipal services • Protection of property values • Improved marketability of property • Access to grants, loan programs, and tax credits

Downtown Professionals

Location with improved, higher quality image • Location near government buildings and other institutions • Increased exposure to new clients • Opportunities for shared promotion

Downtown Service Businesses

"Ready-Made" customer base in downtown employees • Increased exposure to other customers • Opportunities for cross promotion • Reduced "leakage" to surrounding towns • Location accessible to pedestrians • Location near banks, post office, and other institutions

Businesses Outside the Downtown District

Increased visitor traffic to the community • Increased business through overall healthier economy • More dollars circulating longer from locally owned business • Improved municipal services throughout the community • Opportunity for cross promotion • Jobs created and additional business from local rehabilitation projects

County Government

Increased property tax base • Protection of property values • Ripple effect to other communities • Healthier overall economy • Enhanced community and county pride • Improved job market and business opportunities

Civic Organizations

Public space appropriate venue for civic projects • Increased partnership opportunities • Potential new members

Financial Institutions

Expanded business customer base • More business from overall healthier economy • Potential new customers from new residents attracted to community • Protection of property values • Improved public image and goodwill


Expanded customer base • Longer service hours and increased utility usage • Community stabilization and growth • Protection of prior infrastructure investment • More public improvements

Chamber of Commerce

Healthier overall business climate • Potential new member businesses • Opportunities for partnership and cooperation on joint projects • Key employer through larger downtown employee base

Economic Development Officials

Factor in business/industry location decisions • Improved overall quality of life • Ideal location for many high growth businesses • (service, high tech)


Increased awareness and credibility for commercial district preservation • Link between preservation and economic development • Increased educational and partnership opportunities


Improved environment for employees • Easier recruitment of key personnel • Increased local availability of materials and services


More opportunities for youth involvement in civic projects • Potential for "downtown as a classroom" projects • Preservation of downtown neighborhoods


New membership in potential residents • Improved overall quality of life in community • Opportunities for partnership • Protection of property values


More opportunities for coverage of positive local news • Opportunities for public service partnerships • Increased advertising potential


Easier physician recruitment • Location for ancillary health care services • Reduced "leakage" of health care services


Local employment and business opportunities • More happening in the community, more places to go and things to do

Senior Citizens

Convenient location for goods and services • Safer, more secure environment • Preservation of community history and personal memories