What is the Main Street Program?

It is a national program designed to restore downtown areas as viable marketplaces and centers of community activity. It is successful because it is a program which builds on the downtown’s total image; therefore, the approach is an incremental one that utilizes four elements:

  • Design
  • Organization/Membership
  • Promotion
  • Economic Vitality

The Main Street District

Main Street Russellville’s designated district is bounded by Parkway Avenue on the north, El Paso Avenue on the west, Boston Avenue on the east, and 3rd Street on the south.

Mission Statement

The purpose of Main Street Russellville is to revitalize and develop the downtown area of Russellville as a business and governmental center and as a cultural center for the River Valley. Through community effort, a strategy will be developed to build a vital and growing economy, improve the appearance of downtown Russellville through historic preservation and good design and promote the image of downtown Russellville.

Vision Statement

In the future, Downtown Russellville will be a busy, prosperous, attractive and exciting place to conduct business, shop, eat, work and entertain. In order to meet the demands of the growing population in the area, downtown has expanded to offer specialty business, restaurants, residential, service business and an overall compatible mix of stores and services. To handle the increasing number of pedestrians and tourists downtown, the streets, sidewalks, lighting and landscaping have been greatly improved. At the end of the workday, you will find many downtown businesses still open due to extended hours. As the work crowd heads home, the night crowd begins to fill the area to take advantage of the good restaurants and evening activities, perhaps catching a show, play or special museum exhibit. Many families can be seen downtown in the evenings because there are activities to occupy the children while the parents enjoy the evening.


Since 1980, the National Main Street Center has been working with communities across the nation to revitalize their historic or traditional commercial areas. Based in historic preservation, the Main Street approach was developed to save historic commercial architecture and the fabric of American communities’ built environment, but has become a powerful economic development tool as well.

Main Street Arkansas is a program of the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program, an agency of the Department of Arkansas Heritage.